Easter Origami – Easter Cards

Easter Origami – Easter Cards

easter cards

Easter cards

Here is an “oldie” from the last century: my fourth origami book, the “Origami 3. Greeting cards for anytime” from 1994. contained some bunnies. The book was diagrammed very old style – far before the computer era – but the photos are brilliant. Farkas Antal Jama – who passed away some years ago – made the photo-illustrations.

easter cards diagrams 01

Easter cards diagrams 01

easter card diagrams 02

Easter card diagrams 02

José Krooshop – now José Meeusen is wellknown by her beautiful mandalas and elegant geometric folds. Many years ago she designed some very cute greeting-cards as well. This charming “Baby bunny on swing” card is one of my favourites.

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