Easter Origami – Egg Basket

Easter Origami – Egg Basket

egg basket

Egg Basket

From the traditional European base we can fold various baskets, containers, With a little plus fold this model turns to an egg container hen, or an Easter cart, or Easter basket with handle… Try this simple Egg Basket, and maybe you will find even more variations. I would be glad if you shared them with me.

egg basket diagram

Egg basket diagram

egg basket hen

Egg Basket Hen

When we fold down one of the pointy corners of the Egg Basket, it will turn into a beak of a hen. Here you get your Egg Basket Hen!

egg basket with handle

Egg Basket with handle

Fold down both of the corners and flatten them. Fold a handle from a strip, glue on the basket, and – tadaaaam – you got a nice Egg Basket with Handle. Fill it with Easter candy or spring flowers!

egg basket with handle - side

Egg Basket with handle – side

Side wiev of the Egg Basket with Handle: you can leave the side flat as shown on the previous photo – or pinch it and gave another shape.  You can put a small Easter gift into the basket, too.

egg basket easter cart

Egg Basket Easter Cart

Complete the Egg Basket with two traditional flower-shape, and you will get a nice Easter Cart. Happy folding – hope these variations will inspire you to create new models.

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