Easter Origami – Egg Holder Hen

Easter Origami – Egg Holder Hen

egg holder hen

Egg holder hen

This Egg Holder Hen is a typical second-hand model: I saw a lovely tulip-fold,  a flat one, but it had the potentionals to transform into something else.  I hided the fourth petal to keep a 3 dimensional shape, folded down the opposite petal’s tip to form the beak, and the remaining two petals became the wings of the hen. A palmful container, folded from regular paper size it can hold a large egg or chocolate egg. However, it is much prettier to fold it from smaller paper, and fill it with small candies or Easter eggs. Decorate the Easter table with this Egg Holder Hen or fold several hens, fill with chocolate and gift them to the boys who come to wish health and happiness with spraying some rosewater – Easter Monday tradition.

egg holder hen diagram

Egg holder hen diagram

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