Easter Origami – Egg Laying Hen

Easter Origami – Egg Laying Hen

egg laying hen

Egg Laying Hen

The origami Egg Laying hen has a long history and many titles. The original Chinese papertoy was brought to US by Rev Robert Neale who was on mission in the early fifties.  It was a simple square-base, two flaps folded up near to top, and a tiny square-base was cut out from the top. “Climbing monkey” – as the small square climbed up under the layers and appeares in the top hole. Makoto Yamacuchi published it in his “Origami for Parties” book, same model, marked as “traditional”. Soon Paul Jackson published a new version in one of his very first booklets by the title “Square egg laying hen” – He folded the sides of the square base like cone-fold, the model became thinner, the way of the climbing small square became longer – but still it climbed upward. There were the potentional to create a real hen-shape, turning the model upside down. So did I, app. 15 years ago… It was published in several periodicals, and surprisingly, it was used by the McDonalds printed on a paper-mat in the trays a few years ago..  of course without asking my permission – or offering a Big Mac at least…

egg laying hen diagram

Egg laying hen diagram

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