Easter Origami – Fortuneteller Eggholder Bird

Easter Origami – Fortuneteller Eggholder Bird

fortuneteller eggholder bird

Fortuneteller eggholder bird

Fortuneteller Eggholder Bird is a variation of the traditional Fortuneteller or Salt-container. Creating something new often starts with folding something old. Now that I dusted the good old fortuneteller or salt-container, I started to play with it, tried to fold here and there, and figured out a neck from one of the pockets.

fortuneteller-eggholder bird-2

Fortuneteller Eggholder Bird-2

Folding thid bird-like container, never forget that it is the salt-container, and remember the method of closing the model, and opening the pockets. The bird works the same – sink the sides, open up the pockets – there is only one little difference, the neck.

fortuneteller eggholder bird - 3

Fortuneteller Eggholder bird – 3

fortuneteller eggholder bird diagram

Fortuneteller Eggholder Bird diagram


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