Easter Origami – Standing Bunny

Easter Origami – Standing Bunny

standing bunny

Standing Bunny

Well, I can not say that the title Standing Bunny is right: the model seems to show a baby bunny in sleeping-bag…  But it is not easy to find different titles for so many bunnies.

Usually I draw the face of the simple models, but with this one I experimented with the colour-changes: red-white paper was used both for head and body. The head is from the white side, only the three small triangles of eyes and nose comes from the red side of the paper. The body is the opposite: the small white triangles show the hands of the bunny. Of course, you can use any other bunny-head together with the body if you like.

standing bunny diagram 01

Standing bunny diagram 01

standing bunny diagram 02

Standing bunny diagram 02



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