Easter Origami – Strip-folded Egg Deco

Easter Origami – Strip-folded Egg Deco

strip-folded egg deco

Strip-folded Egg Deco

Stripfolded Egg Deco is an unique way to decorate the painted Easter eggs. Strip-folding was introduced by my dear Dutch friend Willie Haarsma, and it has centuries-old traditions in Dutch dress-decorations. Originally folded from ribbons, they decorated infant dresses and caps, but there are pictures about women dresses richly decorated too. Using stripfolding for Easter Eggs is a surprisingly new way, and good enjoyement. Pity that the print is not sharp enough, so you have to use your imagination untill I shall find the black-and white pages, with cleaner details.

strip-folded egg deco diagram

Strip-folded egg deco diagram

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