Hol laknak a Télapók? Origami mese – Where are the SantaClauses living? Origami tale

    Ma van az Origami Világnap.

The World Origami Day is today.

Mindenki, aki szereti az origamit, valami újdonságot hajtogat ma. Az én újdonságom a Táncoló béka, a Halloween albumban megtalálhatod. Ezen kívül azért valami mással, valami régiséggel ünneplek: megtaláltam a réges-régi diafilmemnek a képi anyagát, kicsit kopott, kicsit életlen, de még érthető. Következzen hát egy origami mese, nagyon egyszerű hajtogatásokkal.

Today i created a novelty, the Dancing Frog (which is in the Halloween album) and also share a very old tale, folded by me 28 years ago.  Little oldfashioned, little dusty, but an example, how to use origami models to tell a tale with.


Origami tale

Hol laknak a télapók?

Where are the SantaClauses living?

origami tale page2

Far, far away there is the Land of SantaClauses. The windows of their huts are always covered by ice, there is such a big frost there. Sun does not shines there, only a few stars and a pale narrow patch from the Moon.


Many kinds of SantaClauses are living in that country, old and young, even little ones too.

origami SantaClaus page4

Mrs. Winter helps  them to come out this world. She spreads some crumbles over the snow, and put a hat on top of each crumble.

origami tale about SantaClauses, page5

When morning comes, little SantaClauses grow from the crumbles, each of them wearing the red hat.

origami SantaClauses tale, page 6

Mrs. Winter is taking care of the little ones in the house for three days. She gives them yummy snow-meal to eat, and waits until the small white mustaches and beards start to grow on their face.

origami SantaClauses tale, page 7

Then she brings the little folks to the yard to take care for themselves, – and she starts to spread new crumbles over the snow.

origami SantaClauses tale, page8

The little SantaClauses are playing in the snow, sledging on the hills, throwing their hats to the polar bears.

origami SantaClaus tale, page9

Those who stayed in the yard are building white dolls from snow.

origami SantaClaus tale, page10

Rheindeers pull the sledges driving the little SantaClauses to school.

origami tale SantaClaus page11

SantaClauses study Geography and foreign languages, because they have to know each and all languages of the World, and have to know each and every roads on the Earth. They don’t have blackboard, they write on the white snow.


The grown-up SantaClauses are working in the ToyFactory.

origami tale page13

Winthertime, when the snow is deep, they fill the bags with toys, get on the sledges pulled by rheindeers. The rheindeers break a path in the snow with their legs, and clean the road by their antlers in the woods.

origami tale page14

They are travelling on sledges for nine days, nine nights when they reach a huge stable.

origami tale page15

White horses are waiting for them in the stable. Their eyes are big and bright like a window, they can see at night too.

origamitale page 16

The rheindeers turn back to North, to the Realm of Winter. The white horses pull the sledges quickly and bring the SantaClauses toward East and West, and South.

origami tale page17

The SantaClauses are wandering in the snow, their beards are blown by the storm. They reach every towns and villages and bring gifts to the children.

origami tale page18

While the bags become empty, the SantaClauses learn each and every poems and songs in every languages what the children tell and sing them. Then – they turn and go home.

origami tale page 19

During all the year they are singing the songs to each other they’ve learned, telling the poems the’ve heard – and waiting for the season to come.  The windows of their huts are covered with ice, there is such a strong frost on their land. There are only the stars shinig above, on the sky, and a little patch of the new Moon.

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