oragami-dancing frog

oragami-dancing frog


Oragami – it is a word i hardly understand.  First i tought that the word “oragami” is a misspelling, a little typing error, when you hit another character on the keyboard…  Letter “i” and “o” are neighbours on the keyboard, so it is possible that my finger makes a mistake and type oragami instead of origami…

But if it is so, why i find images under the word: oragami… ?

What can be the difference between the meaning of oragami and origami? It is wellknown, origami means paperfolding, an ancient art, which is popular around the world becouse of its simplicity and internationality: the language barrior can not spoil its power, anyone on any parts of our planet can make origami if has a piece of paper.

Origami was born with paper, – and the birthplace of paper is China.  As it often happens, origami became an art, as high as in temples to serve the Gods, and as low as the children’s rooms to entertaint the little kids – not in its homeland, China, but in the oversea islands, Japan.

Origami has a long history, but does oragami have the same?

I can not answer this question. If i try to make a difference between oragami and origami, it is like to find the way in darkness.

Though i am still not sure if the word oragami is an existing expression for a special kind of paper-art – or it is a simple error of typing, i decided to believe, that oragami is really a thing. Oragami will be my drawer where i can put the models which are not really origamish. Origami has many rules, which sometimes tie my hand when i try to design something unusual.

Let me make oragami a feel-free-to-do-it method. Oragami will be my passport to the world where i may use scissors, glue, more than one piece of paper, where i may draw on the ready model – let it be a playground for those who like to fold without chains!

Oragami : here we come!

I think the merry dancing frog above is a real flag of oragami: glued together from several pieces of paper, crescents of eyes, and smiling mouth are drawn on ( well, photoshopped, better to say), the model itself is glued on a greeting-card – happily breaking many-many rules.

What is your opinion about it?



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