Origami Bird

Origami Bird

origami bird

origami bird

Perhaps the most popular origami models are origami birds. This model above is a very simple, flat origami bird, designed for greeting card decoration. It is so easy that children in preschool or elementary school can easily learn to fold it.

When i was thinking about to create a new origami bird, first i had to decide from which view i want to show the bird. When the front view is chosen, it is practical to start with the diagonal-folds, and the first steps will form the head and beak from the double layer of the triangle’s top.

Folding the top – both layers – downward, we fix the position and the size of the head of the origami bird. The next step  – folding up a little  part of the top layer’s corner – will make the open beak of the origami bird. Here we see a little color-change, if our paper is colored on one side, white on the other: the beak will show the other side’s color.

All we have to do now is to shape the wings – there are several possibilities. As we want to keep the front side as “clean” as possible from folded edges and crease lines, better to turn over the origami bird and shape the wings on the back side.

First we fold the outer edges to the middle line – this step will make the shape of the origami bird’s head, while the wings point down.

Next, folding the wings to the sides, we fix the final position of the wings, and with a tiny cornerfold we curve the body line .

Turn the model over – and the origami bird is ready, with open wings and moveable beak.

It is important to choose the perfect paper for a model: this origami bird was folded from a square which had a lighter round in the middle and colored on the corners.

Good luck for creating your very own origami bird!







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