Origami Boat

Origami Boat


Origami Boat

Origami Boat

To play with an origami boat: it is a real enjoyment in summertime, when the sun is hot and there is a little cool breeze at the water. No matter if you fold the traditional origami boat, or choose a new model,  – you can put them on the waves and watch while floating.

This origami boat shown on the picture above is a model created by Ranana Benjamin, sweet friend of mine, whose simple and decorative origami models were folded by many kids. Her goal was to spread simple origami in schools. I am proud to say that i could help her to draw, fold and design a lovely hardcover book “Origami for everyone II”.

This origami boat is the same model as published in her book, the difference is only that i attached a folded sail.

The page was published in the Dörmögő Dömötör Children monthly.

2 Responses to Origami Boat

  1. Balint szerint:

    Very nice article on origami boat subject. Folding origami boat is always fun and kids truly enjoy playing with these. I would like to see even more origami boat folding tutorials here. Thank you 🙂

    • zsuzsianyu szerint:

      Origami boat is really a popular object. As i remember, the origami boat was the first paperfolding i learned from my Dad. Of course it was the traditional European origami boat. I promise Balint that i shall upload traditional as well as creativ origami boats as soon as i finish the Origami Christmas page 🙂 Up to origami boat, yohohoooo!

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