Origami Easter – Bunny in the Grass

Easter Origami – Bunny in the Grass

bunny in the grass

Bunny in the Grass

The Bunny in the Grass is a real beginner model: easy as it is. For the very simple head there are two bodies: a laying one and a standing one. Ideal for Easter cards or decorations, easy enough to make together with the kids.

Suggestion for singing puppet game: fold a laying body, and a head with eyes closed.  Fix them on a stick or a drinking straw.

Fold the standing bunny as well and fix it to straw or stick. Now there are a sleeping bunny and a standing bunny in both hands of the kid.

Start to sing the “See the little bunnies sleeping thou it’s nearly noon…” while the kids show the sleeping-bunny puppets before a grassy background.

When the song is at: “Wake up bunnies hop-hop-hop” – they lift the standing bunnies and hide the sleeping bunnies.

Bunny fun for toddlers!

bunny in the grass diagram

Bunny in the grass diagram

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