Rajzos fejtörők kicsiknek * Puzzle games for kids


A Dörmögő Dömötör gyerekmagazinban jelent meg ez a tündérke.  Készítettem egy fejtörős oldalt is a figura felhasználásával.

This little fairy was published in a children’s monthly.  Also, i made a puzzle game page with this character.  I load up a few from the puzzle game pages, with English translation too.



Fairy Dance

 The Season’s Fairies are dancing through the Year. Spring Fairy is the first in the row, followed by the others, hand in hand. Do you recognise the Season Fairies?

 Do you know the order of the seasons? What do you think, are the little Season Fairies dancing in good order?

 Please, help the Season’s Fairies! Draw the sings of the seasons in the circles. First, draw the Spring’s sign  in the first circle, then all the others, in good order, as they follow each other in the Year.


Seek and hide owl - puzzle game for kids

Bagoly-bújócska – rejtvény gyerekeknek

Seek and hide owl puzzle game page

Seek and hide puzzle game for little kids. “It is tea-time, Momma Owl brings a big pot of hot drink to the kids – but she can’t find them. Can you help her to find the little owls? Color as many cups as many little owls you found. Count, how many empty cups you see? Draw as many owls, as many empty cups are on the page.

Talk! Where do you find the little owls? Where are they hiding? Use the words: in, on, under, above, behind, beside!


Rajzoltál-e már méhecskét? * How to draw: honeybee?

Hogyan rajzoljunk méhecskét?

Ehhez a méhecskés rajzolóshoz is készült rejtvény.

Álmos méhecskék * Sleepy honeybees

Sleepy honey-bees

Méhecskés rejtvény-oldal gyerekeknek

Sleepy honey-bees

The sleepy honey-bees are collecting nectar from the last autumn flowers. Some of the bees are missing, some are flying to the wrong direction.

Draw circle around the bees who are flying to the wrong direction!

Color so many flowers as many bees are flying to the good direction!

Draw the missing bees, – many bees are needed to fill the bee-hives with honey.

Bohóckodás * Clown-party

Clown puzzle game

Ki van a bohóc-álarc mögött?

Each friend of Brigi got the same clown costume and mask for the party. They laughed a lot when saw each other in the costumes. They were so very similar that the teacher could not recognise them first.

Can you recognise them?

Draw their preschool-tags into the white circles. Brigi’s tag is the Sun.

Zöldborsó leves * Sweet-pea soup

Pea-soup puzzle game for kids.

Segíts Anyunak összeszedni a borsóleves hozzávalóit!

Sweet-pea soup

Brigi’s Mom would like to cook sweetpea-soup for lunch. She asked Brigi to pick vegetables in the garden, as there are everything growing in the garden, which they need for the soup.

Can you help Brigi to fill her basket with only those things which her Mom asked?

Brigi finds a lot of things in the garden, but not each of them are needed for the soup.

Color the white circle RED, if the thing is NOT needed.

Color the white circle GREEN if the thing is needed for the soup.

Brigi also found two lost toys in the garden. Do you find them too?

Gyümölcs szüret * Fruit harvest

Fruit harvest

Gyümölcs szüret, rejtvény gyerekeknek


Brigi and Marci harvested some fruits in their garden.

I got two bowls of fruits from them. I was not at home when they brought me the fruits, so i don’t know, which bowl was from Brigi, and which fruit bowl was from Marci.

Can you help me to find it out?

If you got the answer, please draw their preschool tags into the white circle besides the bowls.

It is not easy to find out! When you figured it out, tell me how did you get the answer!

Point to the fruits, and tell which child picked them. Do you recognise each of the fruits?

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